Bee Dance

Bee Dance

Being stirred inside out,
shattered in a blow,
my tiny brain floated among the thunderous dark clouds.

You zoomed in on the screen,
in the mist of Shillong
and colored the studio green.

The iron pieces cling onto you;
every single piece that has sunk into the loo.
You attract me like a magnet,
a moth brimming with mirth.

I am the bee
submerged and soaked in honey,
saturated with passion and romance.

You were waiting for me,
like a withered leaf,
holding the lantern
so that I can see you beam;
The beam that enchants me
in a loop.

Your scent dissolves in the air,
dispersed around me
like the hari champa in our backyard.

Along the ripples of that fragrance,
I paint my life.

Photograph Courtesy: Sharbeen Sarash © All Rights Reserved